The Desktop App for efficient syncing ownCloud

Adapt the ownCloud Desktop App to your organization’s needs and corporate identity or ship it with individualized settings for your users. Our software as a service offering, hosted securely in Germany. Ready in minutes. Access, share and edit files and folders on the go to boost your productivity on Android or iOS....Read more


The ownCloud Desktop App will remind you to install updates so that you are always on the newest version automatically Learn more about the ownCloud desktop app Access and sync files and folders, work on remote files right from the desktop....Read more

Now available The new ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.1 ...

Now available: The new ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.1 Making authentication more modular. Released recently as an extension for the ownCloud server, OIDC enables... Improving and simplifying uploads. It means you are no longer bound to preconfigured chunk sizes – the upload... Virtual files now ......Read more

ownCloud Desktop Client V2.7.1 StorageNewsletter

The Desktop Client 2.7.1 introduces few design changes that will pop up all around ownCloud in the coming months. The design changes are strictly evolutionarily, carefully improving rather than ditching tried and true interfaces....Read more

Download ownCloud Desktop Client for Windows 10 & Best ...

ownCloud Desktop Client is a pression and Backup application like PCtransfer, Jottacloud, and WinRAR from ownCloud Team. It has a simple and basic user interface, and most importantly, it is free to download. ownCloud Desktop Client is an efficient software that is recommended by many Windows PC users....Read more

ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.2 File Searcher

ownCloud Desktop Client for Mac is an open source, self hosted file sync and share app platform. Access & sync your files, contacts, calendars & bookmarks across your devices. The software is a self hosted file sync and share server. It provides…...Read more

Installing the Desktop Synchronization Client — ownCloud ...

Installing the Desktop Synchronization Client¶. You can download the latest version of the ownCloud Desktop SynchronizationClient from the ownCloud download page. There are clients for Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. Installation on Mac OS X and Windows is the same as for any softwareapplication: download the program and then double click it to launch theinstallation, and then follow the installation wizard....Read more

Older Versions ownCloud

Download Server. The backbone of secure file sync and share. Download the latest ownCloud Server version as tarball, ZIP or as Docker image. Download server. Download Desktop App. Integrate your ownCloud directly in your Finder or Explorer. Give your data a real new home. Download Desktop App. Download Mobile Apps....Read more

Tracing our progress towards Infinite Scale ownCloud

The ownCloud Desktop client version 2.7.1 containing these changes was just released. In addition to the existing basic auth based authentication it brings all that’s necessary for OIDC. Check out the release blog post. ownCloud Web. Beside the bridge setup between the old and new world, our current focus is to make ownCloud Web just awesome....Read more

Owncloud Desktop Client

Owncloud Desktop Client

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  • Post Date : January 27, 2021