How to enable frontend editing feature in Joomla 3.x ...

Joomla allows editing modules and articles using the frontend editing tool. In order to enable this option you should follow the steps, listed below: Navigate to site admin panel, go to System > Global Configuration > Site tab, and look for the ‘Mouse over edit icons for’ option under the Site Settings section. Select ‘Modules&Menus‘ in the drop down list and save the changes....Read more

Developing a component frontend ... Joomla! Documentation

Joomla adheres to the MVC (model view controller) architecture, so the functionality of a feature like the edit page is implemented in the models, views and controllers directories of the admin and site trees, respectively. As we intend to clone the backend functions to the frontend we start by copying the admin models, admin views and admin controllers directory tree to their site * counterparts....Read more

Joomla! 3.4 Frontend Module Editing Feature

Joomla 3.4 takes frontend editing in Joomla to a whole new level. Till 3.4 came along it was already possible to edit Articles, Template and global configura......Read more

Joomla Blank (White) Frontend Page Itscoding ...

That was it, just a blank Joomla home page, a blank white page, that’s it. We could login to the admin panel, but the Joomla frontend was always blank! So, reading about this on the internet, we found many solutions, and after lots of trials and errors, we managed to solve this....Read more

What is the front end login url for Joomla 3? Quora

site index. ?option=com_users&view=login...Read more

Removing the login from the Joomla front end Web Hosting Hub

The login form may not always be needed for some Joomla websites. In order to remove it, you will need to find the form in the module manager and unpublish it. The following article explains how find and remove the option within the Joomla 3.1 control panel. Hiding the Login Interface for the Joomla Front End. Log into your Joomla Control Panel....Read more

How To Add, Edit & Remove Pages in Joomla! [2019 Guide]

Editing pages in Joomla is very similar to creating new pages. Because most of the time, the stuff you want to edit is going to be inside the article. Using the same example as above, to edit the page we just created simply click on “Menus” from the top backend menu in Joomla and then click on “Main Menu”....Read more

9 Joomla Blank Page (White Screen of Death) Proven Solutions

One of the most frequently reported Joomla problems is that in one area or another of their website, we see a Joomla blank page or an empty page with no errors. Just like Windows used to have the Blue screen, we also have the Joomla white screen of death....Read more

Previewing an Article Joomla! Documentation

If logged in to the Front end, you have appropriate permissions and are viewing the Article you wish to edit: Click the Edit toolbar button. After you have made changes to your content (if required) click the Preview toolbar button. A preview screen will open displaying the Article. ... Joomla! ® is a registered ......Read more

Joomla Frontend Page

Joomla Frontend Page

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