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Duo Administration Admin Panel Overview Duo Security

Every aspect of your Duo two factor authentication system can be managed from the Duo Admin Panel. This includes creating and managing applications, enrolling and activating users, issuing and managing SMS passcodes and bypass codes, managing mobile devices, fine tuning the user experience of your Duo installation, and more....Read more

Duo Administration Manage Administrators Duo Security

Log in to the Duo Admin Panel as an Owner and click Administrators in the left sidebar. Click either the Add Administrator menu item, or the Add Administrator button at the far right. Enter the new Duo administrator's name and email address. The email address entered here is the new admin's sign in user name, so it must be unique....Read more

Duo Administration Manage Users Duo Security

To access the Duo Admin Panel, navigate to Duo Admin Panel, enter your administrator account email address and password, and click Submit. After your login is accepted, you then must authenticate using a second factor. You must activate your administrator account for Duo Mobile separately from your user account to use Duo's push authentication....Read more

Admin Panel Duo Security

KB Guide: A Duo Security Knowledge Base Guide to Reading Authentication Logs in the Duo Admin Panel 2628 Views • Nov 23, 2020 • Knowledge Can I fully remove the "Enter a Passcode" option from the Duo Prompt?...Read more

Enabling Duo's Self Service Portal Duo Security

Duo's self service portal saves time for both administrators and end users by eliminating the need to contact IT staff for authentication device changes. Your users can add, edit, and remove authentication factors from the already familiar Duo Promptpage....Read more

User Self Service Duo Security

Self Service Portal Save yourself training and support time by enabling Duo’s Self Service Portal for users to manage their own devices....Read more

Duo Security munity

Welcome to Duo Security munity, a public forum for all things cybersecurity. ... New video: Enabling and using the Duo Self Service Portal. Self Service Portal. 2: 965: December 10, 2020 Failover using two authproxies. General Discussion forum. ... Admin API. microsoft. 0: 75: November 28, 2020 Duo Release Notes for November 27, 2020....Read more


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Duo Admin Portal

Duo Admin Portal

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