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Desjardins Employer D Payroll solutions give you a 360 degree view of your payroll and human resources....Read more

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Our employer solutions are tailored to your business needs. They help you effectively manage and take care of your employees....Read more

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Desjardins considered selling its Desjardins Payroll Services (DPS) business unit, but instead boldly decided to keep it and to go after new markets—larger employers in particular. As for the new payroll solutions needed to support DPS’s plans, Gagné and colleagues had their marching orders: create them now!...Read more

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Please answer your secret questions. Please contact your system administrator if you need information....Read more

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Websites of the leading cooperative financial group in Canada: caisses in Quebec, Manitoba and Ontario, and Desjardins Bank. Cooperating in building the future...Read more

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Desjardins provides financial services to people and businesses: insurance, mortgage rate, loans and credit cards....Read more

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For each dollar you donate this Guignolée season, Desjardins will match it. Please give generously. Donate to the guignolée fundraiser. Security. More ways to keep you safe. Learn more about how you can protect your accounts. Get a special rate. Plan your 2021 TSFA contribution now....Read more

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Desjardins offre des services financiers adaptés aux besoins des particuliers et des entreprises : assurances, taux hypothécaire, prêts et cartes de crédit...Read more

Desjardins Payroll

Desjardins Payroll

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  • Post Date : January 27, 2021